Car Rental

Thousands Rent A Car (TRAC)

We have the answers for all your queries. Be it one vehicle or one hundred vehicles – be it a small hatch back or a 66 seated bus, we will provide you total transportation solutions.

Seamless integration of various components of providing quality vehicles to the client in a cost effective manner is a task which tests the best of the best. Over the years we have mastered this art and today we are miles ahead of the competition in terms of quality of the vehicles , lowest cost in real terms , unique customer support, qualified and trained drivers, meeting compliance standards etc Vehicles up to 14 seats are normally provided both with and without drivers. 25 seater vehicles and above are available with driver only.

Thousands Rent A Car (TRAC)

Reduce Operating Cost

Gain cost-effective alternatives to owning a pool fleet. Do not tie down your capital on non core investments. Owning a fleet is highly infrastructure intensive and needs specialised people. Leave all these worries to us and dedicate your time to run your business.

Flexible Rental Plans

When you need a vehicle for a day, month or a year TRAC can provide you the vehicle with or without driver. Pay only for the actual period of use only. Ideal for corporate to meet their long term and short term needs. Do not let idle vehicles to eat in to your profits.

Suitable Vehicle

TRAC offers a wide variety of newer makes and models of car's, SUVs, Pickups, Mini Bus and Buses. Hire the one that fits your requirement perfectly. As and when you need more vehicles or bigger vehicles , you can talk to us and plan for your growing .

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